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Welcome to The Wine Society of Stirling.  The Society has been established for over 20 years now to collectively allow people with an interest in wine to meet in friendly and sociable surroundings.   Its object is to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of wine.   The Society holds regular informal tastings from various local vendors and/or members to bring together those who have a common interest in wine to improve their understanding and knowledge of wine.

We cordially invite you to attend our society meetings and embark on a intriguing journey around the world of wine.   One of the best ways to educate your palate is simply to taste different wines, so by simply turning up, drinking the wine and listening to the speakers you will learn something interesting every time.


   Joining the Society


The Benefits of Joining

Becoming a member will give you a discount on all the tastings and will give you prior notice of events via  e-mail.

How to Join

Simply come along to one of our tastings or contact me via e-mail at...






   How Does the Society Work?

We meet every last Tuesday of the Month (except the Months of July, August & December) at 7:30pm 

The Venue is the Smith Art Gallery & Museum, Dumbarton Road, Stirling,  FK8 2RQ.

        Annual Society Membership is 12 pp

Our Current fees per meeting are:              Members 10;       Guests 12                         This covers generous tastings usually of eight carefully selected wines, following a chosen theme.


Recent & Forthcoming Events

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